New York Personal Injury Attorney


How long should I wait before calling you?

Call me immediately!
The insurance companies start investigating as soon as they learn of a possible claim; so should you.
There are certain steps that must be taken quickly and certain paperwork must be filed within a short time after the accident in order to adequately protect your rights.

How much do you charge for your services?

In New York, all injury cases are handled on a contingency bases. That means the fee is taken as a percentage of your recovery. In most cases, the percentage is one third or less.  If you don’t obtain a recovery, there is no fee!

Who pays expenses?

New York State has recently required each client to choose whether they wish to pay expenses or whether they prefer the attorney to cover litigation costs. The options will be explained to you and the choice will be yours.

Will I be able to contact you if I have questions?

We pride ourselves on being available to our clients.  Our team has many years of experience and I try to personally answer all telephone calls the same day they are received.

Can you help me if I want to make a claim without a lawyer?

Yes. New York is a No Fault State and there is paperwork which must be filed; there are many traps waiting to ensnare those who are not used to dealing with the insurance companies on a regular basis, including very short time periods to submit certain vital information. The failure to abide by these time frames could wind up making you personally responsible for hundreds or even thousands of dollars in medical bills, even if you think you are covered by private health insurance. I will also be happy to advise you, at no charge, on how to evaluate your claim for personal injuries.

Can I make a claim if the other vehicle has no insurance or in a “hit and run”?

New York State has set up a fund, to which all carriers contribute, to provide coverage to victims of hit and run drivers and other uninsured vehicles.  There are strict rules which must be followed to collect from the fund but once you qualify you can recover for medical expenses and for personal injuries.  If you or a member of your household owns a vehicle, you may be able to make a claim against their policy.

How do I know if I have a case?

We will spend the time to go over your claim in detail before deciding whether to proceed.

How do I know if I should accept the offer the insurance company has made?

Often times I can get insurance companies to substantially increase the amount of their settlement offer.

How long do these cases take to finish?

It depends on many factors. Some carriers believe that they can discourage claims by waiting until the last minute to settle. Others make a business decision to settle quickly to avoid defense costs.  It will also depend on how quickly you recover from your injuries. It may be unfair to you to settle prematurely if you are still in active treatment. Once you accept a settlement, your case is over forever.

Will my case go to trial?

Most cases do not go to trial but we must prepare each case as if we were getting ready for trial. During the course of litigation you may have to appear for depositions and may be required to submit to a medical examination by the insurance company doctor.

Why is it so important to hire an experienced New York trial attorney?

Most personal injury cases settle before trial, but you want to maximize your settlement. My team and I have had many years of trial experience with much success in the courtroom. I will not advise you to settle for less than your case is worth.

Do I need a lawyer?

In order to settle your accident case you will have to deal with insurance companies. Their goal is to pay you as little as you will take. It is tough for someone who is not familiar with accident cases to know what a fair settlement amount is. An experienced New York accident attorney can help you to determine that amount and reach a fair settlement.

What types of accident cases do you handle?

I handle all types of New York personal injury, wrongful death and products liability cases, including: crashes and collisions involving cars, pedestrians, bikes, automobiles, trucks, etc.

Although my office is on Long Island, near the Queens border, I handle cases throughout Metropolitan area and even as far upstate as Albany County.